League of Legends: Meaning of MMR

What is MMR in League of Legends?

You may ask what does mmr stand for: League of Legends MMRAlso known as matchmaking RatingOrElo() is the statistic that bases your match’s players.

This also impacts the amount of LP that you earn or lose. This means that even if you rank gold, you may have to play against a Diamond-tier player because he has a low Match Making Rating.

Each division has an average MMR. Your Elo will be higher than that of the other players in your division. This will allow you to gain more and lose less LP for each win or loss.

On the other hand, you may play against higher-ranking players than you which could make it more difficult to win games.

Is League of Legends MMR affecting my LP gain?

YourGain for LPThis is the difference between the MMR amount for your division and yours.

Your Match Making Rating will be higher than the average for your section, which will result in more LP per win.

This means that if your MMR is a gold III but you are in silver II, you will earn more LP than if the average Elo was a silver II.

A lower MMR will result in a lower LP than players from the same division.

Match Making Rating is based on your wins. This means that you may get more LP per win if you have a higher overall win-rate.

How can I increase my MMR

After every match, your Matchmaking Rating changes. League calculates the gain using the average Elo for both teams.

If your team has a lower MMR than the opponent, you get more points for a win.

You gain less Elo after a win against a lower Match Making Rating team than yours.

You don’t lose much if you lose a match to a team that has a higher Match Making Rating than you, as your team was more likely to lose this game.

After a loss, you will lose a lot if you’re in a team that has a higher MMR than your foes.
It might be a good reason not to spam “ff 15”, and instead, try to win, even if it seems like a defeat. It’s possible to get quite a large amount of MMR in return!

How do I check my MMR in League of Legends

Your Elo could be a good indicator of how likely it is to win more LP or skip a particular division after you have promoted.

Your Match Making Rating is not displayed in the League of Legends client. There are however other methods to verify your MMR in League of Legends.

Many websites offer the ability to compare your Matchmaking Rating to the average Elo in your division. is a popular place to visit. You can view your MMR simply by writing your summoner’s name.

After selecting your server, you can view your MMR by typing in your summoner’s name. You can also see how it compares to other players.

My MMR in Ranked does it affect my normal games?

League calculates your Elo for Ranked matches separately, so you could have a Ranked Matchmaking Rating of a Platinum player but an MMR for your Normal games like a Silver player.

Your normal matches do not have any bearing on ranked if you are playing rankedFor the first time.

This could be why it is sometimes easier to win a regular match than a Ranked Match.

This means that winning a Normal Game won’t increase your Ranked Eo.

This difference does not affect the normal games, but also your Ranked MMR for League of Legends. It is separate for all other game modes such as Ranked Flex and ARAM.

Is there another way to increase my MMR?

Apart from winning as many ranked matches possible, the best way to increase your MMR is to buy anElo BoostHigh Win RatioSmurf account.

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