GTA V Mods To Make Your Game More Fun

Grand Theft Auto 5’s PC launch in 2015 has seen thousands of mods created by players. There are many mods, and more are constantly added.  Seventh run at expanding our already extensive list. You can always check back for more information.

Before we begin: Rockstar claims it doesn’t ban modding single-player games, but this is not true for GTA Online. Keep this in mind when using mods in GTA Online. It’s actually a good idea to not join GTA Online with single player mods.

Speaking of installing, we’ve created a separate, updated guide on how to install mods in GTA V, so be sure to check that out before you start downloading the mods you find on this list. Let’s modify!

GTA5 mods: Gameplay Mods

Complex Control

Complex Control is the result of more than 1,500 hours of solo development. It adds 100 character skins and 55 unique and balanced abilities. Complex Control by THEAETIK transforms GTA 5 mods completely.

It is a leader in procedural gameplay and permanent progress. It is still being developed. In January, 20 new capabilities, weapons and an enemy alert system were added to the massive list of features. Marvel at its trailer above.

Hulk Script Mod

This mod highlights the fun of ripping Los Santos apart and throwing caution to the wind. It is a great experience to play as the Incredible Hulk and have fun playing golf and baseball with police cars.

This mod was updated in 2018 and now includes the ability to climb walls. You can also check out this Avengers Hulk Model to make your Hulk look even better.

Ultimate Superman Mod

This mod is more of a Homelander mod that a Superman mod due to the chaos you’ll likely cause. Although it doesn’t accurately portray Superman’s morality the Ultimate Superman MOD is a great recreation of Superman’s powers. It features a fantastic flight model, custom melee attacks and laser vision. You can also freeze wind, tornado throw, freeze wind, and tornado throw. You can even do the famous crouch-leap to jump into the air and then smash into the ground once you land.

Superhot Mod

SUPERHOT Team’s super stylish FPS, Superhot. Time only moves when you move. This mod applies the super-cool Superhot Mod to GTA 5. This mod aids combat in no way, but it is especially useful for spotting gangs and planning an attack from a distance.

Chaos Mod V

GTA V, despite its cinematic ambitions, is quite silly. The Chaos Mod can be used to increase its absurdity.

The Chaos Mod adds 250 random effects to the game at set intervals. These effects can be used to create enemies such as psychotic clowns or exploding zombies, and even make it rain asteroids on the ground. The effect “Doomsday” basically wipes out all in your vicinity.

It was one of the most fun experiences I have had playing GTA V’s campaign after having the Chaos Mod installed. It’s also extremely difficult, so be prepared for a challenge.

Gang and Turf

Although Lucas Vinicius’ Gang and Turf mod is old, it is still being developed and supported today. It adds GTA San Andreas’ gang warfare systems in all their PS2-era squad-based, territory capturing mini-game glory.

Gang and Turf accuses players of leading their own murder squads. This includes members being registered, wearing crew colours, and protecting patches. Squad-based transport is done by team vehicles. Backup can be provided by land or parachute if things get too heavy. It can be quite chaotic when several companies attempt to use the same areas of land, or when another gang moves their spawn point. It’s a good thing to have a lot of luck!

Warfare MOD

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Zanzou’s GTA 5 Warfare Mod adds 20v20 military themed showdowns that have to be seen in order to be believed.

Skirmishes may include tanks, choppers, and other vehicles to create chaos. Battlegrounds can be anything from yachts to complete Los Santos districts. You can also play survival mode against an endlessly growing number of baddies. Come ahead.

Gang Hideouts

One of the most important features in GTA 5 that is missing is Read Dead Redemption-style hideouts for gangs. Gang Hideouts can be installed as long as the OpenInteriors mod is installed. It adds more than 10 raidable enemy headquarters as well as a few antagonists such as Dam Hippies and Corrupt Cops.

Poke Ball

Poke Ball is Pokemon Go like you’ve never seen before. However, it’s exactly as you would expect it to be in GTA 5. You are given six Poke Balls and you have to throw them at NPCs in order to prevent them from being sucked into your body. Your captives will likely escape unless they are weakened, so it is necessary to roughen them up. Once they are yours, they will fight for you.

Army at Five Stars

GTA 5 was different. In the past, the army would hunt you down if you reached the most wanted level. GTA 5 is different. A SWAT team or the FIB are your worst enemies. This mod allows the army to join the chase, which coincidentally gives the player a greater chance of hijacking military vehicles.

Railroad Engineer

The GTA 5’s unstoppable juggernauts, trains, are now possible to put on an engineer’s cap, drive them, crash them, or even derail them (finally!). The Railroad Engineer mod. All aboard for some major destruction. This works with both commuter trams and freight trains.

Fine-Tuned Felony and Response

Have you ever tried to stealthily beat someone with a silenced gun, even though there are no witnesses? This mod will make things easier for you. You will need a witness to call the police for more crimes. The mod also slows down the rate of increases.

Trucking Missions script

Do you want a legitimate way to earn a living? You will find six different driving jobs for big-rigs in the Trucking Missions script. Some of these jobs are time-based while others require you to deliver cargo as quickly as possible. Even your own trucking company is possible.

Working Restaurants script

You want to dine at Burgershot and Up-N-Atom. You can now eat a quick and healthy meal at nine restaurants with the Working Restaurants script. Navigate to the new icons, then stand under the yellow sign by the front door and enjoy your meal. You can eat out for a few dollars, it fills you up, and increases your clock by half an hour.

Simple Passenger script

Do you feel like hitchhiking? You can use the Simple Passenger script to climb into NPC-driven vehicles, but you don’t have to dump the driver on the streets. Instead of riding as a passenger, you can ride in the car. You can set waypoints for your driver so they can take you there or let you decide. You can also allow drive-by shots and, if you’re tired of being a passenger with the key press, you can change to the driver’s seat.

Nice Fly script

Although you won’t look exactly like Superman, you can fly like him. You can fly in the air without needing to steal a plane. Ironically, you will not need to pull the cord to use this mod. Because you can fly.

Simple Ragdoll

While you can punish random pedestrians in all manner of terrible, often fatal ways, sometimes it’s more fun to freak ’em out and just flop all over them using the Simple Ragdoll [.NET] Mod. You can make your limbs go jelly in any cutscene. This mod is a great way to entertain yourself, especially during long exposition scenes.

Mobile Radio script

GTA games have great radio stations. However, it is somewhat disappointing that they can only be listened to while you are in your vehicle or at home. Mobile Radio script allows you to listen to your favourite tunes while walking. Imagine your phone came equipped with earbuds.

Fuel script

GTA 5’s cars have been thought out in great detail, but what about the go juice that keeps them running. The Fuel script will cause your car to run out of fuel as you drive. The Fuel script also adds a fuel tank meter to your minimap. This will let you know when your petrol is low and you can either refill at a station or use a jerrycan.

Vehicle Controller script

GTA 5 allows you to drive cars, but the Vehicle Controller script makes it possible to control them. You can open the trunk and hood, signal turns and turn on the hazard and interior lights. Although this may sound superficial, there are real in-game perks like the ability to keep the engine running while the driver’s side doors remain open. This is useful for quick getaways. You can toggle cruse control, so you don’t have to keep your foot on the pedal during long drives.