There are approximately 70 characters (referred to as Espers in the game) to pick from in Dislyte, and with that many possibilities, there are going to be some that are better than others. When it comes to teambuilding, there are so many options, from Unky Chai to Gabrielle, and certain troops may excel at one sort of content but be useless in another. If you’re having trouble making a decision, don’t worry: we’ve put together a Dislyte hero tier list for you to peruse.

Tiers of Dislyte Characters

First and foremost, some disclaimers. Because Dislyte is a new game, things may change over time. We’ll strive to keep this updated as often as possible, but this tier list should remain accurate unless a big change to a character or material is announced. Second, this list is based on my personal experiences as well as community consensus research – but it isn’t gospel. I strongly encourage you to playtest your own troops to see what works best for you.

This tier list is divided into S, A, and B rankings, with S troops being the most important to invest resources on, followed by A, and finally B units if you have nothing else to do. If a character is ranked low, it is because the unit is not as helpful as others, or because the unit lacks a unique specialization that makes it effective in a variety of situations. Finally, PVP is given less weight than a unit’s use in plot and trial progression – there are a few troops who excel only in PVP, and I recommend looking up their abilities and ratings pages in-game for more information.

Priority Units: S-Rank Dislyte Characters

  • 5-Star: Gabrielle, Sally, Biondina, Clara, Lucas, Li Ling, Raven, Tiye
  • 4-Star: Asenath, Mona, Lu Yi, Sander, Chloe, Ren Si, Lin Xiao, Taylor
  • 3-Star: Chang Pu, Drew, Q, Tang Yun, Freddy, Chalmers, Berenice, Ye Suhua, Unky Chai

The units listed above are all exceptionally powerful or potent in their particular use cases, and in some cases, simply powerful regardless of content. Gabrielle, Sally, Clara, and Li Ling are the most “all-around” excellent Legendaries, whilst Asenath, Mona, Lin Xiao, Chloe, and Sander are your best 4-Star selections. Chang Pu, Tang Yun, Freddy, Ye Suhua, and Unky Chai are three-star aces.

Dislyte Characters of A-Rank: Situationally Useful Units

  • 5-Star: Donar, Lewis, Narmer, Hyde
  • 4-Star: Djoser, Jiang Man, Celine, Eira, Fabrice, Heng Yue, Jacob, Long Mian, Lynn, Anesidora, Dhalia, Kaylee
  • 3-Star: Bardon, Melanie, Zelmer, David, Lauren, Helena, Jeanne

These characters are useful to some extent, but not to the same extent as S-Rankers. Hyde and Donar are two 5–Stars who can cause decent harm with a lot of commitment. Fabrice, Long Mian, Kaylee, and Anesidora are all valuable talents for the 4-Stars if you have a free space in your squad, but they all take further investment to make work. Bardon, Melanie, Lauren, and Jeanne are all 3-star second-stringers.

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B-Rank Dislyte Characters: Overshadowed or Niche Units

  • 5-Star: Jin Yuyao, Triki, Tang Xuan, Unas, Cecilia
  • 4-Star: Kara, Falken, Arcana, Alexa, Luo Yan, Catherine, Pritzker, Bonnie
  • 3-Star: Brynn, Li Ao, Hall, Layla. Leon, Bai Liuli

We’ve finally reached the bottom of the barrel. These 19 units are all overshadowed by other units in some fashion or have a competence that is so narrow that it is only effective in one or two categories of content (usually PVP). Jin Yuyao, for example, is a monster in PVP and may provide excellent support in Apep, but she isn’t very good in other areas. There are a lot of Poison and Bleed troops on this tier, and that’s because the sheer amount of units with Immunity or Cleanse effects renders them completely useless. It should be mentioned that Pritzker, Jin Yuyao, Cecilia, and Luo Yan are all excellent in PVP.

Mona, Yu Suhua, Tang Yun, Freddy, and Chang Pu are the top units that every novice player should concentrate on. This is due to their total power, which allows them to hit considerably harder than their rarity suggests — and they also constitute the backbone of a strong Kronos squad. Of course, you may mix and match with appropriate gacha units, but that should be your starting point.