Polk Signa S2 Audio System Review

Present-day televisions have forfeited sound grade for thinness. I am not assaulting television manufacturers, I am simply saying the truth. Insurance firms more screen space and more compact bezels, TVs scarcely have room enough to package some of the speakers, so let speakers offering an entirely immersive effect about what you view onscreen. This is the reason individuals are searching to sound pubs to compensate for the shortcomings of contemporary television design.

Even the Polk Audio Signa S2 is also, as most have set up, the most effective sound-bar designed for quite a reasonable price. It includes most the bells and whistles you’d ordinarily expect from luxury soundbars to get a portion of the price tag. Let us speak about that which causes it to be a worthy audio pub for the entertainment process.

The Signa S2 measures at about 35.5 x 2 x 3 inches and inches just under 4 lbs. The streamlined design is very therapeutic for homes that have limited partitions under their TVs. The subwoofer that accompanies it really is approximately 7 x 1 3 x 12 inches and weighs only a little about 1 1 lbs.

Likewise locating a location for your own subwoofer on the floor close to your television shouldn’t end up being overly hard.

The budget-friendliness of this Signa S2 is apparent out of the simplistic layout. The cold, fair reality is nothing regarding its appearances are somewhat eye whatsoever and might even go undetected. Not this is a poor thing — just do not expect this to you personally and your guests.

Even the Signa S2 is not a feature sound pub like a great a number of others with high costs, which means that you truly get everything you purchase. Thankfully, the S2 comprises an HDMI interface and ARC functionality therefore there is less cable direction to fret about.

Additionally, the S2 has a conventional 3.5-mm AUX jack along with an Optical Digital input signal.

All 3 connection vents are discovered at the trunk.

Additionally, there is a USB port situated on the base of the sensible pub, but that is constructed set for fabricating purposes. No more USB streaming is accomplished and therefore do not expect you’ll play with music from the flash drive.

For you music fans around, I am delighted to report this basic, cheap sound-bar comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You will be ready to stream music directly from the smartphone, tablet computer, or notebook and play with your jams in a greater volume.

Adding the audio bar to some other gadget is painless — trigger blue tooth, hunt to your Soundbar in your smartphone, and join. Much like every blue tooth device, the equilibrium of this text is dependent upon the length between your gadgets that are paired.

Control-panel and Remote Control

In addition to the sound-bar are just five buttons on/off, enter the option, blue tooth up, volume, and volume. It’s really a fairly straightforward setup with no confusing buttons and collections, however, that is expected from this kind of economical version.

If you are wondering, pressing on them provides a more pleasing clicky sound which enables you to realize you’ve pushed on a button.

Besides the onboard controller panel, the Polk Signa S2 has its own handy handheld remote controller. The RC isn’t all that fancy appearing, however, the buttons are still pretty large and quick to presson.

Nevertheless, the response between your 2 is somewhat debatable — it might take several clicks before enrolling for your control. This is actually really just a slight annoyance in the slightest.

If you should be considering obtaining the Signa S2 because of its sound quality, then this is no issue, unless you are on the lookout for adjustability. The Signa S2 is sold with just two sound modes — like both music and such as movies.

All these equalizers presets fluctuate marginally in acoustics, however, there is not anything you can do in order to improve bass and treble settings to your own liking.

Note how often I said affordable, budget-friendly, and cheap the Signa S2 is. There exists a really good reason the purchase price of the specific sound pub is way below the market average: it’s that it will not create the greatest sound quality.

But, everything has to be considered circumstance, also to get a relatively inexpensive sound-bar, I was surprised how great they functioned. Watching films on Film style won’t create precisely exactly the exact identical immersive effect because luxury sound pubs, along with Music mode supplies a fairly awesome performance for the majority of music genres. Even the subwoofer did a decent job to underline the bass.


But in the event that you are on the market to get a solid bar which is likely to make dialog and vocals more straightforward to know than this less-than-satisfactory speaker on your apartment screen, then that front-facing audio bar is absolutely worthwhile considering.