The Elegance of Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are the older sister/sibling to the classic wine glass. The stemless wine glass fits snugly into the palm of your hand and is designed in a way to hold either white or red wines equally. The stemless glass is typically designed to hold both white and red wines alike, however, it is sometimes argued that red wines truly benefit from a warmer person a hand on the glass as opposed to white wines. The stemless wine glass has become quite popular amongst wine connoisseurs who enjoy experimenting with their favorite varietals.

Most stemless wine glasses can be purchased for under $20. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can buy them online or at a local store where you will find them displayed by the manufacturer. There are even stemless coffee cups that come in handy as serving glasses for your morning cup of Joe. You can purchase these at your local coffee shop, drug store, or supermarket. Some people prefer to purchase stemless coffee cups separately.

If you are like me, then you may be concerned with your health when drinking your daily cup of coffee. I have learned that I should drink my coffee slowly, with each savory sip. The same goes for drinking wine. The longer you drink your glass of wine, the more the alcohol will penetrate your bloodstream and start to affect your blood sugar levels.

The stemless wine glasses I recently purchased were made of clear glass and came with a long stem. I decided to put it down in my kitchen sink. As I poured some water into the bowl, the stemless wine glasses wobbled slightly as they settled into the bowl. A few seconds later, they all looked together and remained level as they wobbled in their bowl position. It was quite an experience.

I found the stemless wine glasses to be quite aesthetically pleasing. Their color is a nice shade of clear and their texture is somewhat firm, almost springy. They also have a pronounced bowl to them, much like a riedel. My only issue was not knowing what to do with the stemless wine glasses once they were set in the kitchen sink. You see, I always put the white wine in first followed by the red and if you follow me, you know that by the time you add the Riedel, the alcohol has already begun to evaporate.

I quickly discovered that there are many uses for stemless wine glasses after they have been used in the kitchen. One is to serve a dessert wine in. You can drape the glass over your glass and allow it to be held between your hands. This makes it easier to serve but the stem can still be used to transfer the dessert wine from the serving dish to your glass without spilling it.

Another great use for stemless wine glasses after they have been in use in the kitchen is as an item for serving cocktails. If you have ever wondered how bartenders are able to make delicate, delicious drinks while standing around a hot fire, just remember that all you need to do is drop the glass into the dishwasher. You will have a stunning drink that is dishwasher safe. These stemless glassware items come in a wide variety of colors and designs and most come standard in white but if you have any colored glassware in your kitchen, you can easily find one that fits into your design needs.

As mentioned above, stemless wine glasses are made of glass that has been twisted or bent into a shape but you don’t need to worry about them breaking as they are very durable and strong. Many stemless wine glasses are referred to as “stemless” because when the wine is poured into the glass, it stays on the stem, which causes it to stay right in place. When glass breaks on the stem, the wine splashes, and lands on the table where the rest of the glassware falls down and onto the floor. This is not usually a problem with stemless wine glasses. They simply break and the wine drips down the stem into the drink and stays right where it’s supposed to be. In fact, it’s even better because it doesn’t spill at all!